Sacred Nature Art Print

Image of Sacred Nature Art Print

Do you ever feel like there is something more than what your two eyes see?
The one thing in life we can always do is look "Beyond Ordinary.”
Realizing the unity you share with the whole universe, animal, insect, plant, or tree. You can accomplish anything you want to be.

Sacred Nature, the fourth design in Series No.1 by INDII.
Hand drawn // 8.5”X11” // 37 Hour average to complete this design in 2015.

This design shows the vast examples of math, pattern, and design in nature, the greatest artist. Each ring starting from the middle expanding out shows examples of such. The flower of life, platonic solids, leafs, petals, snowflakes, pine cones, trees, more leafs in the negative space of the trees, and the fibonacci sequence spiraling in white.

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